System Requirements

V-Suite WEB R3 and later

The V-Suite WEB Server (4 in diagram below) consists of one or more Internet Information Services (IIS) hosted web environments and Microsoft SQL Server.
While the application services and Microsoft SQL Server can be installed on a single server without any issues, customers will typically install Microsoft SQL Server on a dedicated database server (5 in diagram below).

V-Suite WEB Application Server (4)

System Requirements:
OS NT 6.2 or higher (Windows 8 or higher is supported, Windows Server 2012 or higher is recommended)

.NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher


Hardware Recommendation for up to 50 concurrent users:

The (physical/virtual) equivalent of an AWS EC2 m4.xlarge Instance (

HDD minimum 4GB for each V-Suite Web Site (environment), Multiple environments are supported (e.g., Production, Test, Training), one environment is required.

Also See: V-Suite WEB Installation Help

V-Suite WEB Database Server (5)

System Requirements:
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP2 or higher (Standard or Enterprise Edition, must include Integration Services)

Hardware Recommendation

Minimum 16 GB RAM
HDD/SSD for each website/environment: 

+ Approx. 10-20 GB for each project
+ Approx. 50 GB Free space to allow growth of SQL log files for the transfer of data (via SSIS) from CORE to Web

Please consult Microsoft documentation for additional hardware and software requirement based on your version of SQL Server.

V-Suite WEB Client (6)

V-Suite currently supports these tested and approved browsers:

oMozilla Firefox

oGoogle Chrome

oMicrosoft Edge

Mac OS Safari is currently not supported.


V-Suite 3D web and mobile applications require WebGL. Make sure your browser has WebGL enabled.
On Chrome, it should be enabled by default, unless your graphics card does not support WebGL.

Enable WebGL for Chrome

oGo to chrome://settings/system

oEnsure that "Use hardware acceleration when available" is toggled on.

Enable WebGL for Firefox

oGo to about:config

oSearch for webgl.disabled

oEnsure that its value is false (any changes take effect immediately without relaunching Firefox)

Enable WebGL for Edge

oGo to edge://settings/system

oEnsure that "Use hardware acceleration when available" is toggled on.