Release Notes


September 28, 2022

V-Suite WEB R3 - Update 3 ( is a major release which introduces several new features, enhancements and bug fixes. This release is the first release of the V-Suite WEB product released under the Visionaize Inc. brand.


V-Suite WEB Data Transfer transfers from V-Suite CORE 2021 and earlier. V-Suite WEB R3 provides services to Mobile Knowledge Book R3

New Features and Enhancements


oUser can configure their Local Preferences

oImproved the Data Transfer performance for large projects

Knowledge Book

oSearch includes an option to search for Scratch Pad Pages

oThe Grid View search results view mode has been added to the Knowledge Book search

oThe Knowledge Book search page has the ability to search for all Knowledge View, Folders or Scratch Pad Pages

oScratch Pad Pages can be exported to PDF

Knowledge Book Viewer

oAdded the ability to Hide Assets in the Viewer

oUsers can use a new Follow Camera mode to move the camera along a path defined by a Route

oAdded X-Ray mode which helps to quickly identify what is picked in the viewer

oAdded the Asset Context Menu and Navigation pop-up controls to simplify performing actions on picked assets

oImproved the layout and readability of the Asset Information panel, including a new option to hide inherited attributes

oAdded the URL links list to the Asset Context Menu, providing direct access to URL information contained in asset attributes

oSlide-out panels can be set to auto-expand in the User Interface Preferences

oThe graphical content of a Knowledge View can be exported into GLB (GLTF 2.0) or OBJ (Wavefront)

oIntroduced the Ambient lighting mode

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