The V-Suite WEB Installer will install application packages, data packages and tools for a web environment deployment. The installer will not configure a web site or databases. After you have installed the deployment packages and tools you can configure a web environment on the application server via V-Suite Configuration Center.


Installing of the deployment packages and tools does not affect your existing environments. You cannot side-by-side install deployment packages for multiple versions.


For local installations, you must have local administrative privileges.

Double-click the installer for V-Suite WEB installer. Press Next to continue

Accept the license agreement and press Next to continue.

Click Next to install the deployment packages and tools in the default installation folder or click Change to change the path.

Click Install to start the installation

Click Finish to close the wizard.

The installer will install the deployment packages and tools by default in:

C:\Program Files\Visionaize\V-Suite\Web