Follow these steps for a brief introduction on the powerful features of V-Suite CORE:

  1. Obtain a copy of V-Suite CORE and request or activate a license.
  2. Launch V-Suite CORE and open a project.
  3. Display some or all of the model and created Knowledge Views.
  4. Click on fly, walk, or examine to navigate through the model or click on the select button to select certain Assets.
  5. Take a point or distance measurement from the model..
  6. Easily find any Asset in the project by performing a search.
  7. If you have a V-Suite CORE, Model or Manage license, create assets using the Assisted Modeling Tools and then interactively manipulate them.
    • Before you make any changes you must first activate a task. If you don't see any tasks, ask your project administrator to create a task via Task Center.