Bug Fixes

V-Suite CORE 2021 - Update 1

Bug ID


Knowledge Book

Fixed an issue with incorrect behavior of Knowledge Book

Right-click on an empty space of the Knowledge Book control caused application crash.

Integration Adapter

Fixed an issue that changing the communication protocol didn't work

Changing the protocol for the Primavera Adapter from http to https did not work.

License Administrator

Fixed an issue with accessing license preferences and logging functions

Error message prompted when accessing administration preferences or enabling licensing logging function.

CAD Export

Fixed an issue with AutoCAD export

Exporting assets to AutoCAD via “Asset Viewer Selection” in the CAD Export Wizard failed.

Asset Creation

Fixed an issue with asset manipulation

Couldn't manipulate (move) an asset object that has Shell as its children.


Fixed an issue with a query error for Access 2016

An error “incomplete query syntax” occurred when creating an external attribute set.

Macro Manager

Fixed an issue that deleting a macro caused application crash

The application crashed when deleting a macro that has been deleted in another work-in-progress (WIP) view.

Enterprise Administrator

Fixed an issue that Enterprise Administrator application crashed at startup

The Enterprise Administrator application crashed when just starting the application.

License  Administrator

Fixed an issue that incorrectly changed the license log path

Changing the license log path in the License Administrator application didn't correctly change the path. It added the new path as a sub-folder of the original path.

CAD Export

Fixed an issue that failed to export to AutoCAD  

Exporting to AutoCAD sometimes failed with an error "Error in the application"

Attach DWF

Fixed an issue attaching some DWF Files

Attaching a DWF sometimes didn't present asset hierarchy correctly and didn't import attributes.



Fixed an issue with the extend function  

Couldn't use the extend function when selecting more than 2 assets.


License Server

Fixed an issue with upgrading License Server

Upgrading V-Suite License Server removed previously installed licenses.


V-Suite CORE

Fixed an issue that V-Suite CORE crashed when exiting

V-Suite CORE crashed closing the application when the license server was not responding.


CAD Export

Fixed an issue exporting to AutoCAD layers

AutoCAD export would in some cases export assets to incorrect layer names.